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At last! Stirling Station has become more accessible

Outside of Stirling Train station

SAAP is very pleased that at last a lift has been installed at Stirling Train Station to provide step-free access to Platforms 6 and 9.This finally gives Stirling station full step-free access across all platforms, overcoming the long-standing physical barriers that have restricted its use by people with mobility issues. The new lift will also provide helpful assistance to those travelling with luggage, prams, bikes or buggies.

The lift has been installed as a part of a wider project to get the station ready and suitable for electrification of the train line through Stirling.

Robert Dick, chair of SAAP, said: "We welcome this necessary overdue work by Network Rail to make Stirling station a modern, physically accessible travel hub. We have had to wait many years to see the removal of physical discriminatory barriers to a number of platforms and now the electrification work of the line has allowed these essential improvements, rather than rightfully the equality legislation from decades ago."

The installation of the lift was covered in the Stirling Observer last week (01/05/19), as part of a story highlighting the return of the lattice footbridge, which had been removed for renovation before being reinstalled at a higher height to allow for the new electrified lines.

The new lift was not able to be operational until the footbridge was put back in place.

Copy of the story in Stirling Observer newspaper of 1 May 2019

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