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Care Home at Livilands in Stirling

A drawing showing how the care home is expected to look

Plans for a new 50-bed care home at Livilands Bowling Club in Stirling have been approved without addressing issues raised by SAAP.

SAAP objected to the plans on the basis of:

  • unsuitable parking and drop-off arrangements

  • undersized toilets

  • and an overall lack of detail in the submitted drawings, which made full scrutiny of access arrangements impossible

In addition, SAAP believes that the project does not comply with Care Commission recommendations in a number of areas:

  • There is no second service lift for staff use

  • There is no outdoor area on the 1st floor for residents

  • There are no washing facilities in the dining rooms for residents

Robert Dick, SAAP chair, explained: "We do like the aspiration of this project but remain unimpressed with the size and design. This care home is not in an ideal location for either the freedom of the residents or local householders who will be continuously bothered by displaced parking for mos to the day and night."

In the report put before Stirling Council's planning panel, it was stated: "The siting and design of the proposed home would integrate visually into the site and setting of the local housing and community hospital, and the use is compatible with adjacent residential properties. The off-road parking provision (16 spaces) would meet the anticipated demand."

The story was reported in the Stirling Observer on 13 December 2019.

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