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Built environment

Stirling Area Access Panel​

We are a small group of individuals who are enthusiastic about ensuring that society creates accessible environments in terms of public buildings and spaces, housing, services, and transport in the Stirling region.


We employ a variety of tactics to influence and raise access awareness to businesses, public agencies and the council, by employing access surveys, inspections and advice, which is likely to involve onsite investigations.

Our members understand the needs of disabled people, and we use our knowledge and experience of access issues to challenge and improve aspects which fall short of regulatory standards.


New members are welcome at any time throughout the year.  JOIN US.

Our beliefs

  • Access is a right, not a privilege.

  • Access is for everyone.

  • Having a disability should not be a bar to full participation in life, work and recreation.

  • Good access to buildings should be incorporated into every facet of Scottish life.

  • All Public Authorities must promote equality and inclusion.



Our aims

  • To improve accessibility to public buildings through consultation and advice.

  • To promote good practice in accessibility through experience and compliance to British Standards and the Equality Act 2010.

  • To promote a greater understanding of disability and access issues.

  • We aim to champion the rights of those with access problems within the Stirling Region.



What we do

Stirling Area Access Panel works to improve accessibility in relation to the built environment, transport and the countryside. We promote the importance of access for all, based on dignity, choice and control.

We promote access for all


How we do this

Our primary activities are carrying out access surveys, inspections, and using our knowledge and experience of disabled people to minimise barriers and seek good practice to accessing buildings, streets and the countryside.

We receive and comment upon new Planning Applications for any development, ranging from shops, housing, halls, colleges and any public-use building, where it is evident that there are barriers or design issues to them.

Operational Meetings


  • We have four Operational Meetings per year.

  • These are where we discuss access-related items, and they are open to the public.

  • We receive details of Planning Applications for small and large-scale developments, ranging from shops, housing, halls, colleges and any public-use buildings.

  • We provide information on good practice in relation to the design of buildings and streets based on current legislation, for example, The Scottish Building Standards, Inclusive Mobility 2002 and The Equality Act 2010.

  • Meetings take place centrally in Stirling, and as we do not have premises, we have met at at The Riverbank Resource Centre, The Bellfield Centre, and Forth Valley College.

Governance Meetings
  • We have three Governance Meetings per year.

  • Governance meetings are for Trustees only.

  • They focus on finance, training and membership.

  • Meetings take place between 5pm and 7pm at The Riverbank Resource Centre, Riverside, James St, Stirling, FK8 1TZ. (Tel. 01786 237960)



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