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Panel cannot support Campus Central project at Stirling University

An illustration of the Stirling University Campus Central project

We met with representatives of the University of Stirling to discuss the £21m plans to radically change the frontage of the building, through the creation of a glazed extension across two floors. The development is expected to begin in early 2019 and to be completed around September 2020.

The size of the proposed extension will affect the current road system and will preclude vehicles entering the area.

We have argued for more disabled parking space to be provided, and for a drive-thru route to be created to avoid the need for vehicles to be reversing and turning to exit the disabled parking area, where pedestrians will also be freely moving through.

Many other points were discussed, including the need to manage echo-y acoustics and noise levels in the large open-place social and study spaces that will be created.

Overall, however, we cannot support this project as access to the buildings for a wheelchair user is now actually more challenging. We are waiting to see what the final design proposal will look like.

An illustration showing the bus routes into the new Campus Central development

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