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Forth Valley Royal Hospital disabled parking

Photo of a disabled parking space

After many meetings, FVRH management have at last agreed to increase the number of disabled spaces at the front car park.

Spaces will increase by 12, including a space for a large Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV). They will also add the missing rear hatching (yellow lines) to all disabled spaces.

They also agreed to carry out the obligatory annual review of parking, and will install benches with back rests, as the distance from the disabled spaces to the main hospital entrance remains greater than the recommended distance of 45 metres.

We had hoped to convince them to utilise some of the vacant "plaza" space for disabled parking, but they did not accept this suggestion, nor wish to allocate funds to this.

There are on-going issues with capacity and spacing at outpatients' clinics, which we asked them to look at.

They also agreed to raise with the Ambulance Service, the undignified method of patient transfer via the front entrance of the hospital; it was thought it would be possible to use another entrance.

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