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Callander's Abandoned Car Gone at last!

The car abandoned in September ’21 in the one disabled parking space outside Callander’s Post Office has at long last been removed.

This follows a campaign by Callander residents and Councillor Martin Earl, with several supportive articles in the Stirling Observer. As soon as this frustrating situation was reported to SAAP, we commented, advocating the immediate removal of the car, which was preventing people with disabilities from accessing the key services of their Post Office.

The ridiculous situation that neither the Police, nor the Council had powers to remove the car, has highlighted the need for legislation to enable the removal of cars which block disabled parking spaces, without having to wait for as long as it takes for an abandoned car’s Road Tax or insurance to run out.

SAAP and other Access Panels are concerned that the deregulation of enforcement of parking infringement penalties has resulted in more abuse of accessible parking spaces, by people perfectly able to park elsewhere. The lack of enforcement and abuse of disabled spaces prevents people with disabilities from going out, something we all take for granted, and from making journeys to where they either have to go, or want to go.

All are delighted that a safe accessible parking space is now free again and available for those with disabilities to park safely, beside the entrance to the Callander Post Office.


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