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Disabled Parking in Stirling

Disabled Parking across the Stirling area continues to be a concern to the Panel. There are three issues:

  • ensuring there are an adequate number of disabled parking bays provided

  • ensuring that disabled parking bays meet the right specifications (we regularly find basic errors)

  • enforcement of disabled parking so they are not abused by those not who do not hold Blue Badges

We have received complaints that non-Blue Badge holders are abusing the use of accessible parking bays, including within Stirling Council facilities, such as schools. We are concerned that people feel they can abuse disabled parking without fear of prosecution.

We have raised this with Stirling Council and on clarification they advised that any illegal parking users would be fined.

To use a disabled parking place, you must be a Blue Badge holder. Find out more about this.

Picture of a Disabled Parking sign

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