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Unsatisfied with the Engine Shed

Since July 2017, the Panel has worked hard to highlight the unsatisfactory provision of disabled parking at the Engine Shed. We are also concerned about the poor accessibility for people with hearing and sight impairment.

The Engine Shed is a £11m project by Historic Environment Scotland and is located at Forthside Way in Stirling. It is Scotland's flagship centre for building conservation.

The Panel has attended planning meetings and raised awareness about the poor parking provision but our concerns have not been acted on.

We have sought the assistance of Stephen Kerr MP, but seem to now be running into barriers caused by the evolving City Centre Masterplan, which includes proposals for the Forthside Way area.

Our position remains the same: disabled parking or a drop-off should be available at not more than 40m from the entrance.

Other improvements we would like to see at the Engine Shed to make the facility more accessible, include:

  • audio transcription of all the text-based information so that it is accessible to those with visual impairment

  • installation of acoustic panels to control the noise levels

  • introduction of assistive listening systems that can be used by Engine Shed tour guides.

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