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Improved access required at proposed new McDonald's site

We were pleased with the coverage in today's Stirling Observer (10 April 2019) about our objection to some aspects of the plans put forward by McDonald's regarding accessibility of a proposed new restaurant and drive-through at Springkerse in Stirling.

SAAP reviewed the plans and submitted an objection to planning consultants, Planware Ltd, to highlight issues with the toilets and the tables.

Toilet facilities.

The accessible WC should not be placed through an outer door into a WC lobby, it should be quickly and easily accessible.

They have used the minimum standard accessible toilet design, featuring a corner WC layout rather than a peninsular design, which allows wheelchair transfer from either side onto the toilet.

A baby changing facility is included in the accessible toilet, rather than being a separate facility.

Accessible tables

The plans should include at least one table on the ground floor the the dining area to be easily accessible for wheelchair users.

What we were pleased to see

We are pleased that McDonald's have planned two large parking spaces, which could be converted to accessible parking bays in the future. We were also pleased that they have added a lift to the first floor, and that they recognised the Sign Design Guide for effective wayfinding. They also have both visual and audible fire alarms.

SAAP recommendations

We would like to see McDonald's address the situation with the accessible toilets and tables. We would also like them to ensure parking is reviewed annually.

In addition, we would suggest that all McDonald's buildings are designed to reflect the necessary functionality and use for a modern and inclusive society.

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