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SAAP member discovers information about planning conditions have been lost

Newspaper cutting with heading that reads: Details of planning conditions for flats lost: council revealed it couldn't locate info after FOI

Isabella Gorska, a long-standing member of Stirling Area Access Panel (SAAP), has discovered that important information about the planning conditions around city centre developments have been lost by Stirling Council.

Isabella, who is also a Riverside community councillor, had used a Freedom of Information request to challenge whether 41 planning conditions had been met. This included planning conditions regarding provision of disabled parking at the £11 million Engine Shed development at Forthside Way.

Isabella has now appealed further. The story was carried in the Stirling Observer on 16 October 2019.

Isabella explains: "In today's electronic era there is no excuse for losing large amounts of evidence to confirm 41 pre-built conditions were met. Each condition would have been dealt with individually and this would have generated a lot of correspondence, reports and paperwork.

"It raises the question of incompetence and many other questions. I find the overt lack of transparency with this planning application and lack of evidence that conditions were ever met very concerning as I did with my involvement with lack of disabled parking at the Engine Shed."

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