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Access at Cornton Vale Prison

A sign outside Cornton Vale prison reads: HMP & YOI Cornton Vale

A number of concerns raised by SAAP regarding access to Cornton Vale Prison in Stirling have been addressed. Other suggestions put forward have not yet been acted on.

SAAP was responding to the planning application for a redevelopment of the Cornton Vale site.

SAAP highlighted the need for more accessible parking, improved outside seating arrangements and provision of dropped kerbs. These have all now been included in the conditions attached to the planning consent.

Other issues raised by SAAP included the position of the bike shed, which SAAP feels to be poor, the lack of a drop-off area and the lack of bus shelter provision.

SAAP also suggested an improved layout for the proposed Changing Places Toilet in the Visitors Area.

It is not known if any of these other concerns will be addressed.

A story was carried in The Stirling Observer on 4th March 2020.

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